Who We Are

We are a group of music lovers who genuinely love "playing with music".
We believe that through the emotions and connections spun by music, we can spend a sound and profound life.
Like your closest music-loving friends, we will help you create encounters with the "Life Sound" that will color your musical journey.


Brand Concept

Life Sound

- the sound engraved in your life -

Memories of the past, that moment, that sound that we shared together.

Music is strongly connected to our precious memories at the root of our brain.
But someday, most music has become formless background music that flows from my left ear to my right ear.

The scene of music playing as you press the play button with your hand and the disk spinning around and around has gone away.
We believe that recording the scenery created by music as a beautiful memory enriches our lives.

It is true that analog records, like human beings, are difficult to handle.
However, there is no doubt that the music that "exists" on the record is a time and space that we share, and through the vibrations of the air, it imprints itself on our bodies. It is the music, along with the artist's spirit that are engraved on the tip of the needle.

good record club exists to deliver the appeal of analog records to everyone on the planet.

We want to create the soundtrack of your life together.