About subscription
Q. How soon will it arrive after ordering?
A. We will ship within 10 business days after confirming your order and payment. When ordering for the first time, we may need more days as we need time for hearing about your preferences according to your request.
Q. When should I cancel/cancel my contract?
A. Please contact us by e-mail to cancel by the day before the payment date of each month. The monthly payment date is based on the date of the first order.
Regarding cancellation after the payment date, if you contact us before the item is shipped, we will process the refund.
Regarding cancellation after the item has been shipped, we will process the refund as soon as the return procedure for the product is completed.
However, please note that we may not be able to accept cancellations due to customer reasons.
Q. What kind of products will I receive?
A. Mainly works produced before the 1990s (before CDs became the main music media), and the format will be a 12-inch LP album.
If there are multiple versions of the same title, we will prioritize second-hand vintage items as much as possible over new reissues. Items with high scarcity value and too expensive items (items with a market price of US$100 or more) are not included in the subscription.
The main genres are Jazz / Soul / Funk, but we also accept requests.
Q. Please tell me about the condition of used products.
A. All products are inspected and cleaned, and delivered without noise or skipping as much as possible.
As a standard, the quality of the record must be VG+ (Very Good Plus in the world standard gold mine grading: there are some scratches, scratches, and noise, and it is in the same condition as a second-hand item).
However, please note that the grading itself varies from person to person, and needle skipping may occur depending on the settings of the playback environment.

For other inquiries, please use the inquiry form .