About Us

good record club is a membership record club that delivers vinyl records on a monthly subscription plan.

We co-create the experience of "playing with music" with our members.

Since 2022, Fukuoka

  • Adventures through Music

    We will carefully select works that will nourish your own sensibilities and allow you to enjoy the unique flavor of analog sound, just for you by a real "human being". Please enjoy encounters with one-of-a-kind pieces that you may not be able to obtain in the future.
  • Regeneration of experience

    We guarantee the quality of our products even if they are decades old and vintage, so that you can enjoy good things for a long time across generations without any anxiety. We make it easier and more enjoyable to experience music in the pre-digital age, as if you were playing with all of your senses.
  • Like lovers village

    We will strive to offer a richer musical lifestyle through long term relationships so that you can enjoy the atmosphere of a friendly local store. Let's create and grow a music culture library together through our music lover's community.