How it works

step 1

We will ask you about your music preferences and selection preferences through questionnaires and interviews at the time of membership registration.
Besides, we can arrange audio equipment according to your preferences and budget .

step 2

After paying the first membership fee, we will select and deliver the recommended records in about two weeks. Equipment may require additional time.

step 3

Please enjoy the record and let us know your feedback! We will use it for the next proposal.


Price plan list


  • Subscriptions include rental and purchase plans, but rental plans are only available for customers residing in Japan.
  • In the case of the rental plan, we will basically ask you to return the records every month, extend it, or purchase it at the time of feedback. If you wish to purchase it, you can pay an additional fee and enjoy it as it is. Please note that rental records have special rental stickers attached to their covers.
  • Subscription of audio equipment are only available to customers with a record subscription. Please note that we currently do not rent equipment only.
  • If you wish to rent audio equipment, you need to agree to the terms of use separately. Please contact us for more information.